Doing It Myself: Sandbox in a Storage Container


So I really hate sand. Like really. It gets in hair and all kinds of crevices. And no matter how hard I try, I can never fully get rid of it.

On our vacation to Clearwater, Florida earlier this month, my girls loved digging in the sand at the beach. I knew they would love to have a place of their own to dig.


So I did what any sand hating mother would do. I made them a small, manageable sandbox. This way, their whole bodies won’t be covered in sand but they still get to dig and make castles. Win-win, no?

This was so easy, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of doing this before now.

DIY Sandbox

I decided to use a storage box with a lid to keep creepy crawlies out. I can leave it outside and not worry about bugs. Especially since my girls inherited the bug freak out gene from me.


It’s as easy as pouring the sand into the box and adding some fun little things for the girls to play with. I bought two bags of sand, but I only used one. I figure that the sand will need to be replaced at some point so I will use it eventually.

The table cloth makes clean-up a little easier since the sand tends not to stay totally in the box. For clean-up, I just poured the sand that had fallen onto the table cloth back into the box.

I added some little jewel things from the Dollar Store as “treasure” that they search and dig for. Big hit!



We also picked up shovels and used some funnels that we already had.

closed sandbox

Closed up nice and neat!

They played in the sandbox for over an hour. Even the baby! That’s success my friends!

Cost break down:

Sand – 2 @ $3.50 from Lowes

Storage box – Free (had on hand)

Tablecloth – $1.00

Toys – $4.00

Total: $12

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3 thoughts on “Doing It Myself: Sandbox in a Storage Container

  1. Now, this is a great idea. I’m on my way to do this today. My grands are coming and they will love this. I can’t take them to the beach everyday so this is great. Plus it’s easy clean up. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great idea and lovely pics! My most pinned post is “Zion’s Homemade Sandbox on wheels”(a DIY I did for my now four year old when he was younger). Now both my kiddos get to use it:-)

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