Doing It Myself: Air Wick Refill

Ok so this has to be the easiest DIY I have ever tackled.

I was at Wal-Mart and as usual I picked up my Air Wick refills. For just under $5.

But when I got home from the store, I realized that I could just refill the container myself with oils I already had on hand. I’m not sure why it took me so long to think of this.

I’m sure it’s been done before but I didn’t Google it for fear it would reveal my massive unoriginality when it comes to basic DIYs. I’m only slightly kidding.

Here’s what I did.

replacing air wick DIY

I started by removing the top of the glass Air Wick container with a butter knife. It took a little jimmying but it came off without too much of a struggle.

Air Wick DIY

Next I poured in the oil I already had on hand, which was a cinnamon vanilla fragrance I use in my diffuser. I poured to about half way, leaving room for displacement from the wick.

Air Wick DIY 2

Then I added the wick back and snapped the cap back into place.

It was so easy and obvious and a true money saver. Can’t believe this hadn’t occurred to me before.

Have you done any DIYs that were so obvious that you kicked yourself for not doing it earlier?


2 thoughts on “Doing It Myself: Air Wick Refill

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