Dr Oz 3 Day Cleanse – Day One

dr oz 3 day cleanse

Day 1

Breakfast – Make the smoothie and it tastes ok. Not great but not bad. Feeling pretty good. Lots of energy and I even went to the gym and hit it hard (semi-hard?) for an hour

Lunch – By 11 I am starving. Perusing blogs to kill the time until my lunch smoothie and run across this recipe. Want to lick the screen but I resist and go and make my smoothie.

Smoothie definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty thick and I’m chewing.

I want some chips. Already looking forward to the dinner smoothie.

Snack time – I cheated and ate some of the baby’s pretzels. and a handful of sweet potato chips. I’m not sorry.

This is where it gets bad.

I was hungry and my head was hurting. I was actually beginning to get angry.

Dinner –  I skipped the dinner smoothie in favor of real food. Baked chicken, brown rice and broccoli.

My husband took the girls out for ice cream and came back with a Shamrock shake for me.


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