Mommy Camp

As school winds down, much more quickly than I am prepared for, I find myself facing summer with my three girls and quite frankly…I’m scared.

Don’t let those cute smiles fool you…

With three active kids who want to be engaged every. second. of. every. day, I know that I have to get in gear and come up with a plan to keep them busy.

A couple of weeks ago I started researching camp ideas to do at home and I came across this post at Power of Moms about a DIY Summer Camp and MIND BLOWN. I am a structure person to the core and our previous summers had been very lax (read: boring for the kids and stress inducing for me). I figure some structure can only help.

I’ve come up with a loose schedule that allows just enough structure for us to have a plan but flexible enough that we can go with the flow of the summer.

Camp Mommy

Make it Monday – We are going to be making kid friendly recipes and doing fun crafts. Pinterest has been my best friend for coming up with ideas for this!

Take a Trip Tuesday – This will be our planned day to get out of the house and explore our city. A picnic lunch at the park, an afternoon at a museum, or a lunch date downtown with daddy at work.

Wet Wednesday – There is nothing my kids love more than being wet. They are taking swimming lessons and I also plan to make use of the sprinklers. I have a water balloon fight in the works and a stash of water guns. They are going to love it!B

Thinking Thursday – I don’t want their brains to shrivel up over the summer so I do have a plan to keep them engaged in learning. Thinking Thursday is all about researching something we’ve been wondering (I have a running list from my girls), library trips, experiments, writing stories and practicing skills.

Fun Friday – This most likely will be the flex day. I plan to reserve this day for play dates with friends, family movies and anything else that we want to fit into our summer.

I’ll post some of the activities I have planned later in the week, but I’m really excited about Mommy Camp (gotta think of a more clever name). The anxiety I was having about summer has all but dissipated thanks to a little planning.

What’s your plan for summer?


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